10 Tips for Great Facebook Posts

Facebook posts for business. possibly more than any other form of online marketing. are most successful …

Facebook posts for business, possibly more than any other form of online marketing, are most successful when the audience connects in a real, and genuine way. These tips will help you create more effective Facebook marketing posts for your business, and improve your marketing budget.

Use eye-catching images in your Facebook posts

Images and videos really stand out on Facebook news feeds. Make sure your posts feature creative, vivid images instead of flat or bland backgrounds. People will be much more likely to share your posts if they love your photos.

Respond to your visitors!

Nothing beats the one-on-one connection that a reply encourages, so be sure to keep an eye on your page’s notification panel and reply promptly to each and every comment. If you’re not already running it, install Facebook’s Pages app on your smart phone to ensure you never miss an opportunity to build community.

Add a call to action

Help people know how to help you by adding a call to action to your post. Let them know if you want them to share your post, contact you, follow a link to your website, to like your page.

Keep your posts short

On Facebook, users tend to scan text as it appears in their timelines, so try to limit your posts to Twitter length posts instead of losing potential audience members.

Create a conversation

Social media is just that, social. So use your marketing to create a two way conversation instead of simply broadcasting to your audience. In this marketing campaign for Ross Photography, we created a campaign that encourages visitors to both like our page, and reply with a comment that’ll help build our organic traffic.

Schedule your posts

Different businesses require different schedules for their digital marketing, but all businesses need to schedule content well in advance, to ensure your pages are actively promoting your business even when you’re caught up in the day to day operations of your company.

Offer special deals and contests

Keep people interested in your page, and sharing your content with special deals and contests designed to encourage them to share, like, and comment on your posts. To reach more people, offer and incentive to encourage them to click the share button.

Promote special events with events

Facebook pages include events, which allow your business to create mini promotions for your business, share with your fans, and best of all … appear in their timelines for their friends to see.

Post what your visitors want to see

Facebook Insights (available from your page) offers continuous feedback for what your audience sees, and what it wants to see more of. Pay attention to what’s being shared and what’s being ignored, what times of day are best for your marketing, and who’s sharing your content.

Target your promotions with Facebook advertising

[list-posts category=”facebook” title=”Learn more about Facebook”]Facebook allows you to target your posts, and increase the value of your marketing dollars, by selecting customers who live in different areas, speak different languages, and have specific interests. When you publish your post it’ll show up in just the markets that you’ve picked.

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