10 amazing features of ManageWP

Have you ever had the stress of managing a dozen or more WordPress websites, across a few servers, hosts, and time zones? As a website consultant, I often find myself managing websites for clients, both current and past, across a variety of platforms and to do it, I rely on ManageWP.

What about Multi-site?

Certainly, the easiest solution to running a large number of WordPress websites would be to install them all in a multi-site environment but as a consultant, I often don’t control the hosting environments of my clients (if I did, I’d simply move them all to WP Engine). The alternative, is to use ManageWP to to help me manage the sites.

10 amazing features of ManageWP

ManageWP allows you to use a single login for all of your WordPress websites. No more struggling to remember site usernames and passwords, just log into your single account and you’re instantly logged into all of your connected websites!

Manage WP control panel imageEffortlessly manage all of your themes and passwords from a single location, seriously .. no more logging into all of your sites to see if there are required updates.  You can choose to update each site individually, or click a single button to update all of your plugins and  themes at once.

WP Engine includes a service that will email you whenever a backup, plugin, theme update, or core upgrade is required across your entire network of websites! There is no better way to help your clients peace of mind, than to let them know their sites are always updated with the latest releases.

The new version of Jetpack includes uptime monitoring,  and so does ManageWP.  Most of the time your website should run without a problem but with this service you’ll be notified instantly if any of your websites go down.

Not only can you update plugins and themes from the dashboard, but you can also upgrade your WordPress core files instantly from the same dashboard! Follow me on Twitter to get a tweet whenever the WordPress core files are updated.

Manage WP visitors imageIf any of your websites suddenly experiences a spike in traffic, WP Engine will email you an alert to let you know! This is a great security feature to help protect your website against spam bot attacks, the Oprah Effect (when you get a sudden traffic boost due to publicity), or simply to let you know when a post has gone viral.

Speaking of going viral, the service includes a great search engine analysis tool designed to help you improve your website rankings without adding to the cost.  Available SEO statistics include GoogleTraffic, SEOMoz, Backlinks, Twitter, Facebookr, on page links, and domain information.

One of my favourite features of WP Engine is the built in keyword research tools, which help me improve my client websites chance of success. Combined with Yoast’s SEO plugin, the keyword research tool lets me know which keywords are best for my site, and where I can improve my site for maximum impact.

Google Analytics integration ensures you’re able to quickly make informed decisions about your website, and since it’s all located in a single interface, the data can be shared quickly with different teams and departments.

Finally … one of the best features of ManageWP and a huge improvement over earlier versions of the site, has been the improved security brought to my clients, we’ll talk about that in much more in another post.

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