What does a webmaster do?

Over the past several years, new jobs have been created and many employers are finding themselves more dependent than ever on their technology department but without truly understanding what each member of the team does. This is especially true in the case of a Web Master, which is a generic term used to cover a vast area of technological expertise.

First, what is a web master? As the name might imply, a web master is a master of the web. They’re a specialist who understands the role of a companies website from both a technological and a marketingperspective. They role therefore is neither IT nor design but a combination of both.

Is a Web Master the Web Designer? Often times, a web master is both the designer and builder of a website but they do not have to possess creative abilities for the job, any more than an Marketing Managerneed be a Graphic Designer.

Is the Web Master a Web Programmer? Again, often they are capable of programming (or more accurately Web Scripting) but they are not master programmers, nor are they Network Specialists orInformation Technolology staff members.

So then, what exactly is a Web Master and what do they do for an organization? A Web Master is a master of multiple disciplines and a great Web Master is accomplished in a variety of areas including:

  • Web scripting
  • Web marketing
  • Web design
  • Web publishing
  • Web architecture
  • Web hosting
  • Web advertising
  • Web based sales

An effective Web Master runs the website for a company as well as the online marketing, social media and internet partnership programs for a business.

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