Top three osCommerce upgrades for small business

osCommerce ( is an amazing tool, one of the best shopping carts on the market today, and it’s free. One of the best features of the tool is that there are hundreds or even thousands of upgrades on the market and here are the three I feel are critical for any small business.

Easy Populate,500

This is truly an amazing upgrade, it allows store owners to download their entire inventory into an Comma Separated (CSV) or Tab Separated (TXT) spread sheet, completely compatible with Microsoft Excel or other leading spreadsheet.

It also allows for bulk uploading of products using the same methods, allowing a store owner to add, edit or remove dozens or thousands of products in a matter of minutes.

Simple Template System,1524

STS is a tool for web designers, it allows us to completely customize the look and feel of an osCommerce store, so instead of getting the usual bland web site with a bland ecommerce store, you get a site that looks and feels as good as a retail store should.

A Better PayPal Description,3376

One of the best payment gateways on the web ( integrates seamlessly with osCommerce, as long as your shoppers follow the instructions but often they don’t and as a result you end up getting paid by your client but the order is not processed by osCommerce. As a result, you don’t know what to ship.

This little module is a lifesaver, it passes a complete description of what your customers are purchasing directly into PayPal, so even if the store doesn’t know what was sold, PayPal does and as a result, so do you.

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