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Getting a reliable website design quote can be a tricky, but I’ve come up with a few basic factors that determine the price of a website. Of course, this is only guide and pricing for website designs can vary depending on what features you’re looking for specifically but I hope this helps.

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About your website

About Your Content

To get started, I'll need to know a little about your basic website needs. For example, the number of unique web pages your site will have, as well as the amount of work it'll take to create each page.

Keep in mind, a page is different than a unique story, or a product for sale on your website. Pages for example are your About Us, Privacy Policy, About the Company, Location details etc.

One of the key indicators for the price of a website is the overall number of pages and the work load for formatting the content of each page.
What level of copywriting (writing the content for your site) do you require us to provide?
Photos can be supplied from stock photography companies, or created specifically for your business.
Videos and animations can make a great impact on the website, but increases costs substantially.
Custom illustrations such as charts, graphs, and flow charts can help communicate complex messages.

Domain, Hosting & Support

Beyond creating the website, do you need a domain name registered and hosting setup for your business?

Additionally, what level of support do you require after the website is launched?

If you already have a domain name, you can disable this option.
All websites need to be hosted, if you already have a hosting package you can unselect this option.
Will you look after the sites technical updates and security once it's live, or will we?
How much help will you need learning to make the most of your investment?
Do you already have social profiles on leading platforms (Yelp, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter etc)?

E-commerce Support

Websites that include support for selling online require special support and services. If your site is focussed on selling products, or membership services, that will effect the price.

Will your site have a hosted e-commerce site for shopping online?


What your website looks like is a vital aspect of any website, but the amount of time I spend making your website look great will have possibly the single largest impact on your website price.

While all the sites I create are great looking, helping customers find the right balance between cost and creativity is something I strive for. Here's a rough guide to help you pick the right design costs for you.

  • Template Based - I'll help you find a great looking template for you website and customize it for your business. Ideal for home based businesses, single person companies, or industry specific websites.
  • Local Business - A custom look, based on your existing business branding. If you're customers are all within 20km of you, or you're a single location business this is great.
  • Regional Brand - If you're buying local TV ads, or have multiple locations in various local towns this is the right choice for you.
  • State/Industry Leader - When your press releases make the news, you'll want a website that looks the part and this level of design is right for you.
  • Nationally Recognized Business - I'm not going to lie, I'm impressed you're on my site.
Design is often the largest element of the process, depending on the quality you're seeking.

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Setup and initial consultation
Copywriting services
Photographic services
Video services
Illustration services
Hosting (one year)
Domain (one year)
Design Services
Technical Training
Maintenance Services
E-commerce Store
Social Media Services


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If you would like a formal quote, or clarification on any aspect of this estimate, please feel free to contact me for a custom quote.

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As I mentioned, website design pricing is tough but I hope the form above has helped give you an idea of website design costs and how pricing is calculated. If you would like to have a more comprehensive quote created for your website, please feel free to contact me.

– Christopher Ross