10 reasons why your online store doesn’t work

There are literally thousands of web sites out there, some are great and some are well … not. Why? What’s the difference and how can you ensure your web site works, while others don’t?

Before you make your move onto the internet, take the time to think recognize why website and e-commerce stores fail, ask yourself if you’re ready to make the commitment you’ll need to make to your site and see if your site avoids these time tested pitfalls, here are ten reasons why online stores fails

The product is faulty – If you don’t have a good product, no amount of marketing help can support you.

The store is too hard to navigate – People can come from all over the world but if the store is too hard to use, they will leave.

The store is too hard to find – Is your store search engine friendly? Does it use the best technology to reach your audience? There is more to making money on the web than just putting a site up, you must advertise.

The store adds no value – Why should people shop at your store if it’s the exact same as every other web site out there?

The store is not secure – People don’t like giving their credit card information to unsecured sites, is your store safe?

The store is poorly advertised – All the search engine placement in the world is still second place to good old marketing and public relations, utilize the tools available to you.

The store is broken – If it doesn’t work, they can’t buy from you.

The store is not trustworthy – Again, people need to feel that they can trust you before they’ll pay for things.

The store looks bad – Sadly, looks count on the internet and if your website looks like it was designed by a kid, that’s what people will think.

The store offers no contact information – Sometimes a client just needs to call, to ensure the product they are looking at is the one they want to buy, offer a telephone number or email address.

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