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Website design by Christopher Ross

Website preview 300x243 Website DesignI’m a website designer, developer, and marketer with over 20 years experience designing and developing online solutions for government, enterprise, business, and personal needs. I’m available to help small businesses with:

  • online marketing and social media integration;
  • search engine optimization for online organic marketing;
  • advertising integration for multimedia promotion and integration;
  • website design and development services;
  • recruitment, review, and retention planning for technology staff;
  • custom training for business leaders;

I’ve worked in website design for the past 20 years, both here in Ottawa and across the Canadian / US markets where I’ve worked on website design projects for international newspapers, television stations, schools, and corporations as well as small businesses with a unique focus on local website design needs.

WordPress consulting services

WordPress 300x100 Website DesignI’ve been developing WordPress plugins, themes, and custom solutions for the past eight years with a special focus on newspaper and media websites. I’m available to help your business with:

  • WordPress theme design  for mobile, desktop, and responsive projects;
  • custom plugin development for WordPress, including advanced website functionality;
  • code optimization for WordPress scalability;
  • public speaking, training, and instruction for WordPress users;

If your business needs a hand developing a great new website with the world’s leading open-source content management team, please feel free to contact me.

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