How to remove the generator meta tag from WordPress

Lurking in every default installation of WordPress is a security hole, here’s how to fix your site up.

The WordPress platform has a security hole a mile wide, yet it ships with every copy of WordPress. It’s the Generator meta tag found in the header of your website and it looks like this:
1 <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.0.1" />

Why is it a security risk? Because it tells potential hackers exactly what version of WordPress you’re using to run your site, which makes hacking your site all that much easier.

To remove the Generator from your WordPress meta tags, you can add some code to your functions.php file:

1 /* Remove WordPress generator meta tag */
2 remove_action('wp_head''wp_generator');

Or, you can download and install the Remove Generator Tag for WordPress plugin from Regent Software.

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