Can an average person make money blogging?

Blogging, or self publishing is an easy way to earn a great deal of money online so is it something everybody can do?


The easy answer to this my question is no. Blogging isn’t something everybody can do, let alone something the average person can do to make a living. Before I hear a ton of complains from people, let me be frank … most people fail at blogging, but why? Let’s look at the skills needed and we’ll discover why.

Technical Skills

Blogging involves a certain level of technical knowledge but the truth is, this can be easily overcome with some basic reading and/or hiring a consultant to help get you over the initial stumbling block. If you think about it then, almost anybody (certainly an average person) can overcome the technical points:

  • Setup a hosting account with  Bluehost
  • Get a free domain name with Bluehost
  • Click a button, install a blogging package for free with Bluehost
  • Pick a template, install plugins and start blogging with WordPress
  • So the reason the average person will fail at blogging is not technical.

Subject Matter

If failure isn’t related to technical limits, it could be subject matter except people who are successful at blogging will tell you that picking a subject is actually insanely easy once you stop thinking so hard about it. The trick is simple, pick a subject that you know about (ie cooking, marketing, cars, fishing) and that some of the other 1,966,514,816 internet users (estimated) will also like. The funny thing is, that if you have an interest … the chances are that others will have that interest as well.

I for example, I have a passion for brewing apple cider. Not the sweet stuff you drink on a cold fall day but the hard stuff your grandfather brewed in the barn. It’s sweet and delicious but would it make a good blog? According to Google AdWords, 1.5 million people searched for the subject in November … that’s a pretty good market size.

So the reason the average person will fail at blogging is not finding a subject.

Writing Skills

It’s got to be said then that logically, if not technical or subject the only reason to fail at blogging is that people are poor writers but that’s not right either because it you read my blog you’ll quickly realize that it’s riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatically rubbish. In fact, I’m a horrible writer that depends on spell check for everything yet, I blog successfully.

So the reason the average person will fail at blogging is not writing.

Marketing Knowledge

You’re most likely noticing a trend by this point because the reason for failing at blogging is not technical (you can hire people like me to do the technical for you), it’s not hard to find a subject and nobody cares if you’re a lousy writer so then, could it be that the reason the average person fails at blogging is marketing?

No. I can’t believe the problem is marketing because it’s painfully easy to market a blog.

  1. Write content
  2. Build traffic
  3. Improve content
  4. Repeat

So the reason the average person will fail at blogging is not marketing.

Self Discipline

Ah ha … we found it.

See, the problem with blogging for most people is that they’re lazy and by lazy I mean lazy. I mean really, truly, lazy. They are:

  • unwilling to work or use energy
  • unwilling to show effort or care
  • unwilling to quickly adapt

Blogging is a mind numbingly boring occupation. There are a million things I’d rather do than blog most days of the week, I’ll even watch Stargate Universe over blogging some nights but at the end of the day, blogging is about doing something really hard for most of us (writing) in a medium that is outside our comfort zone (technical) about something we’re often unsure of (subject) and afraid to admit we love (marketing).

Worst of all however, most people are simple too lazy to get past these things and put in the energy to overcome them on a consistent basis which is great because for those of us who are willing to write about the things we love and share it with the world, there is a great living to be made.

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