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Christopher Ross 300x225 Christopher RossI am a websites designer, developer, speaker, teacher, and consultant who enjoys long walks with shortcodes, functional arguments, and playing with other people’s APIs.

When I’m not developing websites (or talking about them), you can find me making apple cider, sailing, running, cycling,  traveling, or pursuing my interests as a photographer.

Public Speaking

I’ve recently spoken at a number of WordPress conferences, including several WordCamp events:

WordCamp Toronto 2013
WordCamp Toronto 2012
WordCamp Toronto 2011
WordCamp Toronto (Developers) 2012
WordCamp Ottawa 2013
WordCamp Montreal 2012
WordCamp Detroit 2011

I’m available for public speaking engagements, with a focus on Open Source technologies, and IT staff motivation.

Employment History

LinkedIn Logo 300x84 Christopher RossMy full employment history can be found on my LinkedIn profile, if you’d like to discuss a project or learn about my history as a web technologist you’re encouraged to visit my profile.

WordPress Contributions

WordPress 300x100 Christopher RossMy contributions to WordPress can be found on my profile, complete with 30 plugins that you’re free to download and use.

Personal History

I was born in Halifax in 1974, and raised in the Niagara region between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. I am the youngest of four, and displayed a passion for computers from a young age.

These days, you’re most likely to find me on Facebook or Twitter, and you’re encouraged to follow me on either.

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WordPress website developer, and consultant.