10 restaurant marketing tips on Facebook

If you don’t already have your own Facebook profile, hop over to Facebook right away and register a profile for you personally. It’s an step to promoting yourself as an business owner and key to putting yourself out there for your customers. Don’t be shy, but if you are shy consider getting out of the hospitality business.

Once you have your profile on Facebook you can add a profile for your restaurant. Your restaurant profile page will act similarly to your personal profile except it allows people to become Fans of your business, rather than adding you personally as a friend.

Be sure to add your business as a local business, selecting Restaurant from the pulldown menu, type a clear and description title and click that you’re the official representative of the restaurant to let Facebook know your the right person to contact.

Now that you’ve created your profile and added a business profile, it’s time to start promoting your business by adding yourself as a fan and ensure that your personal profile lists the business as your employer. Remember, you should be proud of your restaurant, so let’s show it off to the world!

You can add to your business profile page by listing including information such as your address and website URL, the credit cards you accept, linking to the profile of your chef (create a Facebook business page for your chef and become a fan of your new celebrity chef), a menu for your business and of course hours of operation!

Facebook is a visual medium and it allows you to share photos of your restaurant more easily than any other medium. Consider hiring a local photographer (or feeding a local student photographer) to add great content to your Facebook business profile and encourage your staff to become fans of the restaurant as well as tag themselves in photos. This promotes your business not only to fans of the restaurant but also family and friends of people tagged in images.

Keep in mind that many Facebook users are on the website site daily. If you want to make the most of your Facebook update your business page regularly and share images with your fans at least once a week. These photos can be anything from new lunch specials, ‘behind-the-scenes’ staff photos, content winners, holiday decorations and even new drinks.

So far, these nine Facebook marketing tips should not have cost your restaurant a cent but if you’re looking to promote yourself on Facebook with a little more punch, you can add social ads for your business page and increase your exposure unlike any other tool on the planet. Facebook allows you to control exactly who sees your restaurant ads. For example, you can target specifically married men in Fredericton New Brunswick or 20-55 year old women in Halifax. No other medium on the planet (that I am aware of) gives you access to 500 million potential customers while still allowing you to select only a few thousand in your immediate area.

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