10 dirty tricks to earn money online

We all want more traffic to our website right? Of course we do, but how do we do it? We give people what they want of course! Let’s look at 10 dirty tricks marketing people use to get you to their website.

Use Controversy

The Internet is packed with people who have nothing better to do than get riled up about something, so don’t be afraid to offend. The UK band Depeche Mode did it by singing about Blasphemous Rumours, you don’t have to go that far but whatever works.

Shock People

Why do we love to hate people like Howard Stern and Gordon Ramsay? Because they shock us. If we wanted to be bored, we’d spend all day talking to our mothers. No, people want to be shocked, so give it to them!

Scare People

If there’s one thing you can take away from George W Bush’s approach to winning elections, scare people. Make them think that if they don’t come to your website they’re losing out. It’s an age old trick and people always fall for it.

Be Too Cool to Resist

Why do we care what the latest Hollywood celebs are wearing? Because they’re cool and it’s that simple. Actually I don’t care what they’re wearing but I know that a whole lot of screaming, money spending teenage girls love them, because they’re cool.

Be Exclusive

If your website is free, it has no worth. So make people pay to get the real inside dirt or better yet, only let them in if you’ve invited them. Power to the privileged! If people are too ugly, too poor or too stupid to get into your club … it just makes people want to get in more.

Get Testimonials

Man, do people love testimonials. It’s partially a popularity thing but also that a lot of people are sheep, they’ll do what people tell them. Want proof? Watch Oprah.

Tell People What They’ll Gain

You know the old saying about a fool and his money? It’s true. All you need to do is tell people what they’ll gain by visiting your website (money, sex, power) and they won’t care what the cost is as long as you’re exclusive or too cool to resist.

Make it a Limited Time Offer

Nobody wants to pass up a limited time offer. By making them make a choice quickly, you’re forcing them to make a decision without thinking about the outcome. It’s a tactic used to sell everything from gym memberships to Wall Street Bailout packages.

Post Reviews

Even if people never get to check if the reviews are real, post reviews of your products or website, people eat these up.

Wait, there’s more!

Ever wonder why informercials work? It’s because we’re always looking to get two for the price of one. Even with food, just think about it … how many pizza shops do you know that sell you two smaller pizzas for more than the price of one large, good pizza?


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